In this tutorial we will cover the process on how to create a Debian Bootable USB in Windows 10. Later on, with this USB we will be able to boot up Debian installation and install Debian system on the PC. After this tutorial, you can then check out the steps on how to dual boot Windows 10 and Debian

Requirements for this procedure:

1. 8GB USB

2. Debian iso image (Download here)

3. Software Rufus (Download here)

4. A Torrent client.

Below you have a video with instructions on how to make a Debian Bootable USB:

Downloading Debian iso

So, first you need is to download the Debian iso image. Follow the link provided in the post. Once you visit the Debian page, find the section where it says - A larger complete installation image. Underneath that section, you’ll see a list of download options.

Download options are for 32bit and 64bit versions. Also, there are CD and DVD versions.

I suggest downloading DVD version. It’s a larger .iso but contains all necessary apps, repositories, updates and it will save you time once you install Debian.

create a Debian Bootable USB in Windows 10

The links will you guide to download page where you’ll have a list of torrent files to download. Download the file appropriate for your PC and download the .iso using the torrent client.

create a Debian Bootable USB in Windows 10

Rufus download and flashing iso on the USB

Next what needs to be done is to download Rufus. Rufus is a free software that creates a bootable USB. I use it all the time. Follow the download link listed above.

Rufus is also an app that does not install on your PC, the .exe file you download will run the app right away.

Once the Debian .iso is finished downloading, insert your USB drive and start the Rufus.

In the first field - select your USB drive.

In the second field - select partition type - MBR for non EUFI systems or GPT for the EUFI systems.

create a Debian Bootable USB in Windows 10

For the file system, leave it by default - FAT32

Volume label you can input what you like.

Right next to option - Create a bootable disk using - Select ISO image.

Right next to ISO image field click the button - It will prompt you to find and select your Debian ISO image.

Once you do that, hit START button.

The process will start and it will take some time to finish.


The steps we covered in this article are following - We downloaded the Debian ISO image, installed the Rufus bootloader, used Rufus to in order to create a debian bootable usb in Windows 10.

Thank you very much for your time…