Hello visitors,

First, thank you very much for visiting this site. My name is Marko and I work as a full time DevOps Engineer.

I had several career changes, starting from as a regular System Admin, then migrated to a Network and Systems Engineer for Data Centers and now as a DevOps Engineer. Currently my career in IT counts 12+ years.

That’s me in professional life, me personally - I’m a huge IT and tech nerd, sci fi and fantasy nerd, Linux lover and a Thinkpad fanboy.

Here’s what you can find on this site:

  • Topics related to Linux and Open Source software, DevOps topics,Servers and Cloud, Home Labs, Docker, Virtualization, Ansible, Kubernetes and etc.

I do hope this site will come in handy for you…

For any questions you can leave me a message on the contact page or you can contact me and follow me over social media(Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit, Mastodon) where I’ve  left links to my profiles on this site.

Appreciate your time… Best regards, Marko