Hello visitors,

First, thank you very much for finding this site.

My name is Marko. I’m currently employed as a System Engineer/ Network Engineer.

I have over 10 years of experience in IT business.

I had a couple of career changes starting from System Administration, Software Developer, Networking, DevOps, Web Developer.

Jobs I worked the most and experienced the most are Networking, System Administration, Linux System Admin, Linux Server Administration and System Engineer.

I worked for multiple companies and some of them are ISP and programming companies.

I discovered GNU/Linux in 2009 and working it ever since.

Right now I’ve settled to work as an System Engineer and Network Engineer because this type of field work allows me to work with software and with hardware.

Here’s what you can find on this site. This site will contain multiple IT categories and in those will be included hardware, software, Operating systems(Windows, Linux, Mac) tutorials regarding those mentioned, experiments, projects – many will be my personal projects, occasionally – personal blogs and my experiences, gadgets and from time to time my personal reviews of all mentioned. For those categories mentioned above, there will be many videos which I upload to YouTube. Links will be provided on the posts and also link to my YouTube channel is on the site as well.

I am kind of person where I’ve unquenchable  thirst for knowledge, where I research all the time, finding new technologies and learning all the time. I love to tinker all the time with the tech, make something practical  and especially love to work with servers.

I do hope this site will come in handy for you…

For any questions you can leave me a message in the contact menu or can contact me and follow me over social media(Twitter, Instagram) where I’ve  left links to my profiles on this site.