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install urbackup server using docker 0

Install Urbackup server using Docker

Overview Urbackup is a cross-platform server/agent backup solution. Quite versatile, feature rich and available on many platforms. We already covered how to install Urbackup on distros such as Ubuntu and Debian and in this...

setup urbackup server on ubuntu 2

Setup Urbackup server on Ubuntu

Setup Urbackup server on Ubuntu Overview The following post will showcase the steps how to setup Urbackup server on Ubuntu. By this we mean that we’ll be install Urbackup server on Ubuntu and also,...

install urbackup server on debian 0

Install Urbackup server on Debian 10

Overview We’ll be showcasing the steps on how to install UrBackup server on Debian. UrBackup is an Open Source client/server backup system, that through a combination of image and file backups features, differential backups...