How to install DD-WRT on TP-Link router

How to install DD-WRT on TP-Link  router


In this post, we’re going to cover the DD-WRT and how to install DD-WRT on TP-Link router. I have a habit ofinstalling DD-WRT firmware on every commercial grade wifi router I have or if buy a new one.
I use it for years and I love it. When I had only access to commercial grade wifi routers, which you can  buy in any PC store, tech store etc, over time the features in the factory made firmware could not meet my needs.
They lacked the control and features I need.

Then I discovered the DD-WRT. It has a lot of features, it gives me more control over my network and the best part is – it’s open source.  You can say, with DD-WRT firmware, wifi router gets an upgrade. So, in this post we will cover the process how to install DD-WRT on a TP-Link  router.

Requirements for the process:

1. DD-WRT firmware.
2. Tp-Link router
3. Ethernet cable
4. PC or laptop

Below is video tutorial as well:


Downloading DD-WRT firmware

First step you need is to connect your TP-Link router to your PC with an ethernet cable and to download the DD-WRT firmware. The ethernet cable goes into the one of the yellow ports on the tp link.

I would suggest to do the process with a laptop so that you have an internet connection over wifi  and connected to the TP-Link router with a cable. If you don’t have a laptop, then first thing to do is to download the firmware.

On the DD-WRT website, click on the router database first and then search for the TP Link router. Find the exact model of the router and it’s version. Router version is written on the bottom of router. Download the DD-WRT factory image.

install dd-wrt on tp-link


Now login to your TP Link router with an admin account. By default, address to the admin page is

install dd-wrt on tp-link

Flashing firmware on the TP-Link wireless router

Go to system tools and then to firmware upgrade. Click on the browse button, locate the dd wrt image  file and click upgrade. Wait for the upgrade process to finish.

install dd-wrt on tp-link

Once the upgrade is finished, the router’s  default IP address will change to
So, you need to use the new IP address in order to access the router.

Finishing up

Once you access the router, DD-WRT will first prompt you to enter the new admin user name and password.

install dd-wrt on tp-link

After that you will be greeted with the DD-WRT home page.

install dd-wrt on tp-link

And that is it.


We went through the steps how to install DD-WRT on TP-Link router. It’s a really powerful and quite useful piece of software and one of best features – it’s not resource heavy. It can be installed on less powerful devices that are supported by DD-WRT.

I hope you found the post useful and easy to follow. Thank your for your time.

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  1. a says:

    New a7 modem will not create tp-link account! Privacy! So how do i log-on or reset?

    • MarkoNtech says:

      Hi there,
      Sorry, not able to create a new tp link account? Are you referring to the new A7 archer Tp link router? TP links provide the login details with the packaging and also there’s a sticker on the bottom of the router with the login info and right by the side of the power button, there’s a reset button.

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